About Us

Bolivia is a remarkable nation with a complex history, geography, and social structure. Rich in natural resources and strategically located, Bolivia has been of vital importance both to colonial powers and to populist revolutionaries.

In spite of this, the Bolivian people today suffer from extreme poverty and many live in virtually inaccessible regions that are susceptible to epidemics and natural disasters. International humanitarian organizations are attempting to improve this situation by sponsoring projects to provide healthcare facilities and equipment. But these projects are unlikely to succeed without the support of a local team with the expertise to coordinate this work with communities, local governments, and service providers.

For over 25 years DENHI SRL has partnered with international development agencies, non-profit foundations, and medical technology providers to plan, manage, and maintain projects that improve access to healthcare and improve the quality of life for the people of Bolivia.

Our clients and partners include:

  • International Development Bank
  • Inter American Bank of Development
  • Bolivia Ministry of Health
  • Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Catholic University, San Pablo, Bolivia
  • ​​Sirius Corporation
  • Diamond Diagnostics